SuperenaLotto Jackpot
37.5 Million (EUR)

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Superena Lotto FAQ

Must I be a resident or citizen of Italy to play?
No - anyone can play. Technically you have to be in the relevant country to buy a ticket. This is where our trusted lottery agent comes in. Because of internet technology, anyone can play from anywhere.

Can I pay for more than one game at a time?
Absolutely. You can purchase tickets for one game or as many as you like.

How many Superena rollovers can take place?
There is no limit to the number of rollovers allowed for the SuperenaLotto.

How does it work? allows you to take part in the largest and most exciting lottery in Europe from your computer. You are now able to play ANY lottery from ANYWHERE in the world at ANYTIME, on your computer, from the comfort of your home or office.

What happens if I win?
Our lottery agent will inform you of your win and you then have the choice to either credit your playing account or have the winnings delivered to you via your prefered method.

Does play the Lottery for me?
No, is simply a portal to provide you with information and assist you to play. You do not pay us anything at all for this service. Our trusted lottery agents purchase the tickets for you and you play your favorite lotto through them.

Does take a cut from my winnings?
No, if you win - it's yours (not counting any taxes applied by the Italian authorities).

Where can I find the Superena Lotto results?
You can find them here on on our Superena Lotto Results page.

Will I ever recieve spam emails as a result of using your site?
Absolutely never, we have a strong anti-spam policy and will not tolerate spam of any description. We do not send out newsletters via email, nor advertisments, nor lottery results or any other type of marketing material.

Is connected to the official SuperenaLotto?
No, we are not connected or affiliated with Sisal or the SuperenaLotto.

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