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Superenalotto history

The Italian Superena Lotto started out in 1950 as the Enalotto and was re-launched as SuperenaLotto in December 1997 by Sisal after winning the tender for Italy's lotto in April 1996. Sisal's revamp of the Enalotto produced an easy to play lotto that has massive jackpots. It has become the most popular lottery in Italy and one of the largest lotteries in Europe.

Until the end of June 2009, the six winning numbers came from the first numbers drawn in Lottomatica's lotto draws for Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo & Rome (in that order). The Jolly number came from the Venice draw. If the number had been used before, then the second number was used instead.

From the beginning of July 2009, the system was changed to be independant of the Lottomatica draws and the more conventional method of lottery drawing was adopted for the six main balls plus the 'Jolly' (bonus ball). The Jolly provides an additional chance of winning if the player has matched 5 balls. A second draw is used to produce the 'SuperStar' ball, introduced in 2006, this is purchased in addition to the main numbers and can be used to multiply the winnings.

Previously, as with most lotteries, you could only play Superena Lotto (and other Italian lottery games) if you were a resident of Italy. But now, with the advent of genuine lottery ticket agents on the internet, such as theLotter, anyone can play, regardless of where you live.

So now, if you live outside of Italy, you can still play, by buying your lottery tickets online.

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Daily Lotto Tip

Patterns on the ticket may look nice to us but they generally don't win the lottery. Stick to random numbers, use a pin or use a random number generator. But don't make patterns!