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Superena Winners

Since the Superena Lotto started, 6 winners have taken over €1,865 million in prizes.
The lotto's best year was 2008 which saw five 6 ball winners taking home over €229.4 million. In this year, the overall winnings amounted to more than €964 million.

Jan 1998 - The first 6 ball prize, worth over 11.8 billion lire, was hit in Poncarale.

Oct 1998 - The lottery made world history 100 players from the village of Peschici won €32,706,977.38.

Aug 2003 - One player from Veduggio con Colzano, Milan wins €66 Million

May 2005 - 10 players from Milan won €72 Million.

Dec 2005 - €62,524,371.05 was won in Sangano, Torino.

May 2007 - €71,439,610.83 jackpot that was won in Capanni Di Savignano Sul Rubicone, Forlì-cesena.

Oct 2008 - €100,100,756,197.00, the biggest ever jackpot in Superena history was won by one player from Catania.

Jan 2009 - Five lucky players split a jackpot of €39.7 million

Aug 2009 - Not only the largest Superena Lotto win ever, but the largest jackpot win in European history. After eight months of jackpot rollovers, €147.8 Million was won by a single ticket player in the small Italian town of Bagnone.

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