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64.2 Million (EUR)

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What is Superena Lotto?

The Italian Superena Lotto started out in 1950 as the Enalotto and was re-launched as SuperenaLotto in December 1997

Now everyone wants to play the Italian Superena Lotto and it's not just the Italian's! With jackpots starting at 1.3 million (Euro) and growing higher and higher with every rollover, people from all over the world are eager to join in the frenzy to buy Superena tickets.

SuperenaLotto draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The main difference with Superena is that this lotto is a 6/90 lotto. Although the winning odds are greater than other lotteries, it does mean that the jackpots grow to vast amounts. So when you win the jackpot - you win BIG!

What will you find here?

Here you can check your tickets to see if you've won - Lotto Results, find out more about the Superena Lottery and, of course, play lotto!

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The Current Superena Jackpot is 64.2 Million (EUR)

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Daily Lotto Tip

Patterns on the ticket may look nice to us but they generally don't win the lottery. Stick to random numbers, use a pin or use a random number generator. But don't make patterns!